Feb 05 - Jul 27, 2018



We created hybrid e-commerce app to meet the needs among  UX/UI implementations in strategies and engineering. I led design research for client and internal cohort.

Paths to Transactions


Our team added value to our clients by building a marketplace app for the traditional, medical, and wellness cannabis users in Florida to learn, purchase, and engage with medical cannabis.

User Flows

The user group is broken down into first time user group and the returning user group. The task flow is aligned with the feature sets that are ideated from co-ideation session with stakeholders.

The workflows are created in depth to align the needs of technical touchpoints and the targeted personas.


Displayed images contain private data in information architecture for application system

Organizing the content hierarchy into a comprehensive sitemap provides an overview of all possible decision outcomes to purchase.


Displayed images are work samples from a different project involving more stakeholders.

Finding and applying the fore-thought of each digital interruption points make a huge impact on how the product reacts in front of the target audience. Breaking down the digital interactions add meaning and engagement with client's interest and goals.