Sep 5 - Dec , 2016



To help small business in the neighborhood, we created a commercial responsive website to build relationship with and to convey the needs of the beer-o-soeurs in their website viewing experience with my colleague, Jeong Min.

Hop Farm Brewing is a local brewery cafe located in the neighborhood of Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh, PA.




Upon entering the website, the new web experience tries to grab the website's target / mainstream users' attention with a more visually interesting and engaging video clip. Then the screen transits to the main contents.


The site navigation flow is simple: it is a one-scroller website. The users are more intuitively able to navigate and explore the website's contents with a subtle color transition of each simple hover interaction.


The user is able to navigate through the sections at any point in time using the sticky navigation bar that is always present at the top of the interface.